Twelve24 Hailing from three different continents, this three-piece band are as global as their sound. A fusion of feel-good Pop, EDM and Rap, Twelve24’s music transcends borders, sounding as fresh anywhere on the planet as it does in their home town of Manchester, UK.

TWELVE24 are a band who know what they’re about, both in their music and their message. Three full-length albums in, they have honed a sound distinctly theirs, described as a fusion of popular artists such as Macklemore, Calvin Harris and Justin Bieber.

As a result, TWELVE24 have answered invitations to play all over the world: tours in the US, UK, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France; festivals in Denmark, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, and in Finland, where they opened for Lecrae. The band have notched up 350,000 views on Vevo and 24,000 likes on their verified Facebook page.

TWELVE24 are fiercely protective of their artistic vision – writing and producing all their tracks with the help of a close team of studio collaborators. That’s because while their music is radio-ready, catchy and feel-good, it is informed by a deep sense of calling to share the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ. Their faith is personal to them and intrinsic to their lives, and each band member has their own personal story of it has changed their life in a positive way. Having started out touring high schools, a chunk of TWELVE24’s time each year is still devoted to talking to young people about how faith has impacted their lives, addressing issues such as self-image, suicide, respect and bullying.