Dear Progress

Dear Progress

Award winning Manchester word artist Micah Purnell’s work “Dear Progress” is a series of short letters that question what he sees as the relentless human search for progress. He says,

“My work has been influenced by Oliver James’ book Affluenza. The Affluenza virus, as described by James, is a set of values which increase our vulnerability to psychological distress: placing a high value on acquiring money and possessions, looking good in the eyes of others and wanting to be famous – all encouraged by mainstream media and advertising. Many studies have shown that this increases our susceptibility to the commonest mental illnesses: depression, anxiety and personality disorder.

“For all the time-saving, life-giving consumables available, it seems that it is actual life that we are missing…..Dear Progress was devised to encourage a conversation about how to manage the incessant overload of desire eliciting nature in mainstream media”


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2nd November 2016