The Collective Art of Lament

Over the past month we have been through one of the most significant times in our nation’s history. Much fear and uncertainty, anger and disillusion has awoken deep emotions within towns and cities up and down the country giving rise to racial abuse, violence and... read more

Art as a tool for understanding our time and place

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Every day Christians across the world pray this prayer, but what do we really mean within the context of the everyday? How do we see and bring about the kingdom of God in our cities and towns, in... read more

The Good Thief

This years Lenten installation at Manchester Cathedral shows a life size realist painting of the Good Thief who according to the Passion story was crucified to the right of Christ at Golgotha. It is unusual to depict the crucifixion story without making Christ the... read more

The Role of Beauty in City Transformation

I have always loved beautiful things. I love to surround myself with flowers on the kitchen table, a garden full of colours and textures, paintings and sculptures on my walls and window sills, photographs of special places we’ve visited and shared beautiful moments in... read more

Recovering the Art of Wonder

In this stunning piece of sculpture by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park we are invited to rediscover the art of wonder. To pause, be still, observe and allow life and nature to be present to our deepest selves, and to be open to the... read more

A Vision for the Arts

‘When we awaken to beauty, we become aware of new ways of being in the world.’ By beauty I do not mean the pretty, the pleasing, the easy to understand, the mindless and naive, but beauty, I believe is the nature of God, that can be found, discovered, and even... read more

I See A New City

I see a new city, poured out from Heaven Dressed for a party; blazing with beauty Her rooftops are radiant, trees trembling with laughter And joy like a jewel shines in her streets. From her walls and windows No weeping is heard Through her gateways and gutters Floods... read more

Beauty Arises From Ashes

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday, when families all over the world gathered together in their kitchens, cracking eggs, stirring batter and making pancakes that they tossed in the air amidst howls of laughter and ate together around the table with all sorts of sweet things... read more

A Gallery Visit

Whenever I get the chance, I love to spend a few hours in an art gallery or museum alone. For me the experience of observing something of beauty or inspirational in detail, of learning to listen to a piece of art by trying to see through the eyes of the craftsman what... read more

Towards an Embodied Art and Theology

My interest in art and spirituality has been shaped over many years through two specific different contexts that I have situated myself in. For the past 30+ years I have supported my husband in his role as an ordained Baptist minister in churches in London and... read more

Creatively Revealing God’s Presence in the World

In the first half of the 20th century, the Pentecostal Howard Carter attended Art College. He lived for his art. Yet, he felt had to make a choice between Christ and art. It is recorded that, “One day never to be forgotten, Howard walked out of the art school, leaving... read more